Our charges for copy editing and proofreading are highly competitive. However, we never compromise on the level of service we provide. We also do not offer a 'fast turnaround' service at additional cost, because to complete copy editing to our standards is not something that can (or should) be rushed. However, our work is always carried out to an agreed timetable.

For complete copy editing, our rates are normally around £0.22 or €0.026 per word for a document in Word format. This is applicable to the vast majority of work, although we may charge a slightly higher rate for highly-specialised documents, as these may require additional work. We are able to offer a discount from this rate for large projects, such as complete books or similar.

For a firm quotation, please email us attaching a sample paragraph of the document.

Work can be accepted in virtually any electronic format. Although Word documents are generally the norm, we have software enabling us to convert other formats (such as pdf) into Word. in these cases, the document will be initially returned in Word format with track changes and comments visible. Please note that figures and tables in pdf format are normally saved as graphics files, so cannot be converted. Some pdf files may also be unsuitable for conversion. In these cases, we will comment any changes that need to be made.